Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Office Hours?
Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm
Saturday 10am – 2pm
Sunday or Public Holidays by appointment

Can I Drop the car off after hours in Wanaka?
Yes we have an after hours drop off.

Can I leave the car in other locations?
Yes Wanaka Airport, Queenstown and Christchurch
Fees and conditions apply.

Can I get a Transfer to Queenstown Airport?
Yes we can transfer you and your family
with or without a car hire.  Fees apply.

Can you deliver a rental car to our motel/hotel?
Yes we are happy to bring the car you in Wanaka.
Please just ask, no fees apply.

Can there be more than one driver?
Yes and there is no extra fee.

Is insurance included in the prices shown?
Yes all prices include insurance with a $2000 nz excess
If aged under 21 or full drivers licence has been held for
less than 1 year then there is a $3000 nz  excess.

Can I buy down the excess?
Yes if you are over 21 years of age
Prices are shown when you book online.

Can I drive out to Rob Roy Glacier?
Yes but only in a permitted 4WD vehicle.
Thrifty and Economy Class class are excluded
This is due to road conditions.

On a 1 day hire is 150 kms enough to go to Rob Roy Glacier?
Yes the return trip totals approx 107 kms

Do you have automatic cars?
Yes all our cars are automatic.

What if I get a parking or speeding ticket?
We will notify you via email. There is a $25 fee for handling the ticket.
Parking Tickets: we will pay and debit your credit card.
Speeding Tickets: incur dermit points so will be transferred to the hirer.

What if I need to cancel a booking?
No problem, please let us know as soon as possible.
We require 10 full days notice for refund of deposit.
Cancellations will incur a $35.00 administration fee.

Can I rent a car after hours?
Yes please call the office number 03 443 6050
We are happy to help if we can.
There is a $50 call out fee.

Do you rent child seats?
Yes we hire full child seats or booster seats?

Can you hire snow chains?
Yes snow chains can be hired for all vehicles

Do you have GPS for hire?

How do the kilometres work?
Hires from 1 – 4 days have 150 free kms included in the price
Excess kms are charged out at .25cents per km
5 day + hires include unlimited kms

Diesel Mini Buses are .10 cents per km

What if I return the car very dirty?
Rental cars should be returned in a good clean condition.
If a car is considered to be very dirty a fee of up to
$150 will be charged for cleaning.

If the car has been up the ski fields should I put it through the car wash?
Yes please.  We are unable to check in a car that is covered in mud
as we cannot check the exterior for any damage.

If I break the windscreen am I liable to pay for it?
If you have not purchased glass insurance, yes.

Who pays if I get a flat tyre?
Flat tyres are the responsibility of the hirer
as this has happened while the car is in your care.

What if the car breaks down?
Please call the AA Roadside Assistance number
on the left hand side on the windscreen.
All our rental cars are covered by 24 hour
AA Roadside Assistance for peace of mind.

What if I have an accident?
Please call 111 if someone is injured.
There are accident forms in the glove box.
Please take full details of any other cars and people involved.
Please contact us on 03 443 6050 or +64 3 443 6050

What happens if I damage the vehicle?
The amount of the insurance excess will be debited from the credit card supplied.
The damage will be professionally assessed to establish the cost of repair and the time
the vehicle will be off our yard. We will account to you for all costs.
In the event of an insurance claim having to be filed,
there is a $350 administration fee.



















Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave the car in Queenstown?

Yes, You can arrange to leave the car at Queenstown airport for an additional fee of $110.00